Earth 2 Prequel: WTF Happened to Airyglyph..?

Session #1

Prologue Part 1

Half the party have been in Grandaburg for the past few weeks serving with the storm brigade under Count Woltar. The twins, recently approaching Grandaburg coming back from their trip from the country to the west (Greeton), have been “encouraged” by their parents to pursue real employment. Approached by a member of the Hawklight ministers, he needs help looking for a traveling companion of a Sir Duncan. They accept the job and begin pursuing the rest of the party. The note was to Egg, asking him to go to the island, west of the capital (Lowencaster) and help an old friend of his father’s. In exchange, Egg’s father will offer the adventurers a favor from one of the most powerful nobles in the country. The party goes and pursues the job, and learned of an old man who lives on the island; His name is Davry Manus. His daughter, Sara, needs to be brought to a manor in Haverton. Here, his sister lives with her son. He uses the excuse he’s not long for this world and that she will not be happy living her life there, and needs to ensure her safe travel.



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